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Fixed HP knows residential properties – especially in Highland Park, University Park and Preston Hollow.  It’s truly the “village” where we live and send our kids to school each day.  We also know contractors, maintenance, pricing and much more.  Our goals are centered around responsiveness and excellent customer service.  Our membership promise is to protect you from poor services, zip code premiums, and other risks to your property appearance or function.

We started from the ground up — literally!  Fixed HP has its roots as a maintenance company back in 2009, but with over 50 combined years of construction experience, we have become a preferred home care and remodeling company for friends and neighbors.  We drop by to help you every single month.

Fractional or full time home concierge help with your home exactly tailored to your property.

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Membership Advantages

For those that are too busy, too focused on other things – and needing help managing your home or assets, please step into Fixed HP.  We help normalize pricing through volume discounts, use only vetted and rated contractors, and ensure no financial monkey business is occurring.

We monitor and scrutinize providers so you don’t have to.  They know doing business with us is not a “one home” job and put their best foot forward for repeat business.  We score and rank them — and get their best effort and product every time!

Sure, go ahead ask your neighbor who they trust or are using, but value systems differ from person to person.  Let us inspect the property, run the numbers, and give you an honest value opinion as we monitor their progress.

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We promise a competent and relaxed experience that offers something different to local members and ensures you enjoy your property and experiences we assist with.  An “easy button” for home care management that allows you to focus elsewhere.

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