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handyman services

Hiring 3 highly qualified handy men to assist with regular weekly jobs.  Clear work orders, accompanied visits to create efficiency.

house manager – single point of contact

Looking for local UP / HP part time resource to visit homeowner properties for walk thrus, inspection and gather homeowner feedback.  Must live within the community to be considered.





Team members are the foundation of our entire operation. Our people, their knowledge, experience, and passion — are what drive our common successes. For this reason, we’ve worked hard to create a welcoming environment that encourages advancement, promotes learning, and offers benefits to keep us competitive.

2 guys in a truck, runners, gigs

Due to member unexpected needs, we also keep a list of “2 man teams”.  Typically, its our communities high school juniors or seniors that can do odd jobs with shorter notice.  It may be help with an estate sale, supervised moving furniture around, hauling things off, or just adjusting needs at the home.  Its a simple “on call” approach that permits gigs never more than 10 minutes away from your location.

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