A better experience to the maintenance & RENO industry—it simply starts with improving COMMUNICATION, service levels & PREDICTABLE COST.  the magic is we provide onsite support, technology and quality control in a responsive manner.

“Trust, but verify” helps bring it all together.

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With several dozen houses in the program today, and over 150+ trusted and member firms – Fixed HP provides a full range of services satisfying member needs and concerns, thereby improving quality and responsiveness.  We help keep your costs of marketing and back office low, and you help us in the field.  Win – Win!

a higher level of service

Fixed HP’s contractor code of ethics defines the standards of behavior and conduct expected when working on our residential projects. These guidelines ensure that vetted contractors are honest, transparent, and ethical in all dealings.  It covers a range of topics, including fair pricing, communication, quality of work, safety, and compliance with regulations. By adhering to the ethics code, together we establish trust and build a reputation for delivering high-quality services.  It’s what we do.

qualified and Expected Results

Home remodeling and repair is a significant investment, and we want partners that lend their expertise and help our flow of members get the best possible value. Our partners are more profitable via Fixed HP referrals due to volume, accuracy, time savings, and opportunity costs.  We thrive in the field.

over 50 home maintenance trades

  • Staff is never more than 29 minutes away from job locations
  • Fifty most often sought after trades engaged

  • Negotiated and normalized pricing and quality from vetted suppliers
  • Detailed instructions and checklists ensure proper execution
  • Technology ties it all together


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