Its easy.  Just email or use the contact us form on the website and we’ll call, text or email you to set up an onsite consultation.  We will address all of your concerns and do a walk thru of your home.  We will set up a maintenance plan perfectly tailored to you and the home.  All of the paperwork is simple and takes less than 10 minutes.

what type of projects can i use fixed hp for?

Anything from maintenance, repair, to construction.  We can cover your home care needs from A to Z.   Whether its a new driveway, a hot water heater or putting artifical turf on a yard – we’re here to ensure it goes smoothly.

what makes your company different?

Responsiveness, technology, sophisticated back office, decades of experience and much more!  We also help provide a defense against many of the pitfalls in the process.

Companies like Uber, Favor, Amazon and Doordash have trained us to want things here and now.  Fixed HP leverages similar approaches to automation of the process.

can realtors set up business accounts for the immediate area?

Yes.  We can tailor programs to handle your pre and post sale needs.  There are always little things that are needed in the transfer process and Fixed HP is here to help things progress smoothly.

Contact us to start the boarding process.  We love friendly referrals.