Promise to


Providing peace of mind & no hassles

FAVORED PRICING matters.  NO MORE UNNECESSARY “UP CHARGES” FOR UPKEEP BASED ON YOUR HOME VALUE, LOCATION OR ZIP CODE.  We shop and vet providers throughout the metroplex – not after they see the job location.  Clear expectations are in place far in advance for your benefit.

We are here to help our local homeowners avoid pitfalls and headaches.  If we can make servicing your home as easy as servicing your car at the dealership – its a win.  We’ll just provide better delivery, financial structure and help keep overhead low.

“give back” programs into our community

Sharing back with your schools, churchs, or charities all based on your regular purchasing habits
Giving back is important.  On certain transactions, Fixed HP will take a percentage of your savings and send up to 5% of that to your favorite charity or school to make the community we live in even stronger.  Nothing out of your pocket, just doing more good where others did not expect it.

simplify, what can often be complex

Keep it SIMPLE!  To aid in this, we target particular vendor types each month, and fill their calendars to your benefit.  Pairing up our member home owners with excess capacity is advantageous for all involved. Whether its a fence repair company, seasonal work, or painters – we negotiate to keep them busy and pass on efficiencies to you.

Our 150+ contractors can help in many home venues!