seasonal opportunities

We also focus our efforts where the demand is most apparent.  Please look for specials we have brokered and communicated via our mobile app. Regular Annual or Quarterly maintenance items are highlighted for members.

“give back” programs

On certain qualifying transactions, Fixed HP will take a percentage of your savings and send up to 3% of that to your favorite charity or school to make the community stronger.  Nothing out of your pocket, just doing more good where others did not expect it.

services promotions

We target particular vendor types each month, and fill their calendars up for your benefit.  Pairing up our member home owners with excess capacity is advantageous for all involved. Whether its a fence repair company, holiday lighting, painters, or seasonal flower planting – we negotiate to keep them busy and pass on the savings and efficiency to you.

Offering additional boarding discounts to 2024 Charter Members!

March 2024 – 
Patio and pool focus items.  Spring cleaning items, sprinkler adjustments

April 2024 – 
Our custom Mobile app in the hand of users!  Initial lawn clean up to prepare for the season

May 2024 – 
Painting, wood repair, drywall  

Refer a neighbor

We love referrals – get a free month of service when you do.  We all have things that need to be solved for regularly.  Even the occasional insurance claim repairs that are too large or too small.